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Let’s Get Writing!

Hello once again.

Thank you for your response to our call for action. Tremendous!

Now we need more from you. Can you write to a member of the House of Lords?

As you know the debate on the Assisted Dying Bill takes place in the House of Lords on the 22nd of October so it is vital that as many disabled people as possible write to say why they are worried about a change in the law as proposed in the Meacher Bill.

Your email or letter doesn’t need to be more than one page or a couple of paragraphs.

We are urging you all to speak up because our voice needs to be heard in this vitally important debate. Remember Nothing About Us Without Us!

We have suggested some ideas to use. If you have any difficulties contact us at

Thank you

Dear (Name),

I’m/We are writing to you about the Assisted Dying Bill which has its second reading in the House of Lords on 22nd October 2021. 

I/We really need your help in influencing other members of the House of Lords to reflect carefully on this Bill which will affect the lives of thousands of disabled and terminally ill people. As a disabled person, I am deeply concerned about the impact of the changes being proposed in the Meacher Bill. I/We am/are asking you to oppose the Bill.  

(You could choose any one of these issues to include in your note)

– Non-existent and badly drafted safeguards to the Bill

– The inevitable change in the relationship between Doctor and Patient (Do no harm.)

– Potential abuse by Doctors of believing their patient will be better off dead (because they are subject to the same discriminatory attitudes as the rest of society)

– Possible coercion from family members

– Discrimination, for example between those with physical and/or learning disabilities.

– Slippery slope (for example other countries expanding the law to include non-terminal conditions and disabled people)

You only need to choose one or two of the above which directly affects your situation and/or that of someone who you advocate for.

If it helps, you can send your letters to us and we will address and send them on your behalf to

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