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Campaigners for ‘assisted dying’ in the UK say they want to change the law for terminally ill people, not for people with disabilities. So why should people with disabilities feel threatened by the campaigning? Read our response to this frequently asked question and others in our FAQs.

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Related Organisations

Care Not Killing

Care Not Killing is a UK-based alliance of individuals and organisations which brings together disability and human rights groups, healthcare providers, and faith-based bodies, with the aims of:
• promoting more and better palliative care;
• ensuring that existing laws against euthanasia and assisted suicide are not weakened or repealed;
• influencing the balance of public opinion against any further weakening of the law.

Living and Dying Well

Living and Dying Well researches and analyses the evidence surrounding the end-of-life debate. Living and Dying Well was formed to research the serious evidence surrounding these issues, to apply clear thinking to them and to publish the results.  We produce regular reports on specific aspects of the end-of-life debate and we hold seminars from time to time on topical issues.

Not Dead Yet (USA)

Not Dead Yet are our sister organisation in the United States. They are a grassroots disability rights group that opposes the legalisation of assisted suicide and euthanasia as deadly forms of discrimination against old, ill and disabled people.

Poll Resources

2019 Royal College of Physicians Poll

The Royal College of Physicians took a poll of its members on the topic of assisted suicide in 2019. Read letters, positions, NDYUK’s response, and more.

Protestors of doctor-assisted suicide gather outside Parliament.

2015 Dignity in Dying Poll & Marris Bill

The “Dignity in Dying” (DiD) lobby group for human euthanasia commissioned a poll in 2015 from the Populous organisation. NDYUK disagrees with the resulting claims.

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Not Dead Yet UK (NDYUK) is a network of disabled people in the UK who have joined a growing international alliance of disabled people, who oppose the legalised killing of disabled people. 

All those involved are disabled people including people with physical and sensory impairments, learning difficulties, and mental health conditions.

Your one-time or recurring donation will enable Not Dead Yet UK to continue its crucial mission of education and activism against legalised killing.

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