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A Collection of Updates

In the past few days, there has been a flurry of posts on Twitter and Facebook alleging that Not Dead Yet UK are in league with faith groups or their organisations. This old chestnut, like so many others, is factually incorrect.  We have certainly worked alongside other campaigners some of which are faith groups when lobbying against a change in the law on assisted suicide. We have always made it clear that our relationship with these other groups does not mean that we support their values or agree with their position on a range of other issues. Some supporters of Dignity in Dying are accusing us of supporting anti-gay propaganda. This is entirely untrue and absurd in the extreme.  

These are worrying times for disabled Canadians and those with life-threatening conditions. The Canadian government is discussing enacting legislation which will allow assisted suicide. We’ve posted a couple of links to keep you updated on the situation

Canadian government introduces bill to legalize assisted suicide, euthanasia

Bill C-14

There is some good news! An attempt  to allow assisted suicide in Maryland in the USA has failed after a concerted campaign against it.  Campaigning clearly does help. Senator withdraws Assisted Suicide Bill

 picture of Liz Carr on stage in a golden wheelchair rehearsing
Liz Carr on stage in her golden carriage!

As many of you will know our very own Liz Carr is in rehearsals for her exciting new show Assisted Suicide: The Musical.

This is a must see and you can book tickets by visiting Assisted Suicide:The Musical

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