Baroness Jane Campbell, founder of Not Dead Yet UK.

Baroness Jane Campbell

Jane Campbell is considered to be one of the most powerful leaders of the Disability Movement in Britain, especially during 1991-1995 when she Chaired the British Council of Disabled People during the height of the campaign for the Disability Discrimination Act.

Throughout her 40-year career she has never ceased campaigning for the Rights of Disabled People through parliamentary engagement in the field of Equality and Human Rights in general. She has always put energy into creating practical ways to enable disabled people from all sectors of society to take full control of their lives and actively participate in progressive social and political change. “Nothing about us, without us” is at the core of all her work.

She is particularly known for her campaigns for disability anti-discrimination legislation and Independent Living rights. In 2002 Jane founded Not Dead Yet UK, the only effective opposition by disabled people to increasing calls for Assisted Suicide legislation. She sees assisted suicide as a great threat to the lives of disabled people, who in the absence of effective health and social care support services and equality of opportunity, are far less able to exercise effective choice about whether or not to end their lives prematurely (so-called “assisted suicide”).

Since joining the House of Lords in 2007 as an Independent Crossbencher, Jane has played key roles in securing a range of disability rights, in social care portability, environmental access, Personal Independence Payments, transport accessibility and Access to Justice. She has also effectively fought off three Private Members’ bills to legalise assisted suicide.

She is currently a trustee or patron of several charities/NGOs dedicated to advancing the rights and inclusion of disabled people and other protected diverse groups.

Disability rights advocate Baroness Jane Campbell.

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Not Dead Yet UK (NDYUK) is a network of disabled people in the UK who have joined a growing international alliance of disabled people, who oppose the legalised killing of disabled people. 

All those involved are disabled people including people with physical and sensory impairments, learning difficulties, and mental health conditions.

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