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Welcome Tony Baldwinson

Many of you will recall how much support the late Juliet Marlow provided to Not Dead Yet UK. We came to rely on her to keep the NDYUK ship afloat and to ensure that our message was broadcast far and wide.

Her death was a tremendous shock and left a very big hole in our hearts and in the way we organise and manage our campaigns. Fortunately, another great ally, Tony Baldwinson has volunteered his time and expertise to help support us. We are delighted to have him as part of our group.

Tony will take on many of Juliet’s past activities. He will manage our social media campaign work and support our communications with members and supporters.

Tony works as a project manager and activist with over 40 years’ experience in the public, voluntary and community sectors around Manchester, both paid and as a volunteer.

His first involvement in working with the social model was with Manchester Mind’s radical campaigns around 1980. (Tony’s late partner Lorraine Gradwell, was Breakthrough UK’s first chief executive and was known and respected by many disabled activists).

Tony’s has a degree in Computation and his Masters was on The history of the photography of disabled people’s organisations in England. His favourite ‘find’ was a photo negative of a protest march in 1920 under a banner saying “Justice Not Charity”.

He is currently working on the creation of detailed archives for around a dozen radical disability and mental health organisations.

His day job is in managing projects with EU funding.

You can contact Tony at

Good luck Tony and welcome aboard.

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