Welcome to 2016! I hope you had a brilliant Christmas holiday and have all your New Year’s resolutions in place! Good luck with them. As someone once said, “Dieting is easy, the tricky part is keeping the weight off!”

If you didn’t know already, Baroness Campbell acted as guest editor of the New Year’s Day edition of the Radio 4 Today programme. If you weren’t up in time here’s a link Today programme. An interesting mix of stories and comment. One of her interviewees was the former Conservative MP Matthew Parris. He suggests that assisted suicide is just a matter of evolution and, therefore, it’s inevitable that it will become an acceptable solution to ageing, illness and impairment. He responded to his programme interview with another article – this time putting forward the view that cost and usefulness need to be considered when defining the quality of life and best use of resources.  Have a look at his article and tell us what you think.

Matthew Parris Times Article

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