Not Dead Yet UK to submit evidence to court in Noel Conway case

********PRESS RELEASE: 20 JULY 2017 @ 08:00********


THIS LATEST ATTEMPT TO LEGALISE ASSISTED SUICIDE _________________________________________________________


Today is the final day of hearings in the High Court in the case brought by Mr Noel Conway in an attempt to legalise Assisted Suicide.

It will be the only opportunity for Not Dead Yet UK’s barrister, Ms Catherine Casserley to make oral representation to the Court. She will argue that to legalise Assisted Suicide would be against the interests of disabled and terminally ill people. The Court has Ordered that she must complete her submission within just 30 minutes.

Ms Casserley will make use of written evidence provided to the Court by Not Dead Yet UK Founder Baroness Jane Campbell. She, like Mr. Conway, is dependent upon a ventilator to breath. Baroness Campbell is co-founder of Not Dead Yet UK and has full support from its members, some of which also submitted written statements to the court.

Baroness Campbell said, “I am pleased that the Ministry of Justice is robustly defending this case. However, it is essential that the voice of disabled people is heard as this matter affects us directly. Disabled people need assistance to live – not to die”.

Notes To Editors
1. Not Dead Yet UK is a campaigning network of disabled people founded in 2006 to oppose attempts to legalise assisted suicide for disabled and terminally ill people.

2. Not Dead Yet UK promotes equality for disabled people in a secular context; it is not faith centred or allied to any organised religion. Its supporters come from all sections of the community. Its guiding principles are to value the lives of terminally ill and disabled people and oppose assisted suicide.

3. Not Dead Yet UK’s full statement can be found at

Not Dead Yet UK Statement on Mr Noel Conway’s legal case

4. Not Dead Yet UK’s ‘pro-bono’ legal team is Catherine Casserley, of Cloisters Chambers and Chris Fry of solicitors Fry Law.

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