Juliet Marlow RIP

It is with great sadness that Not Dead Yet UK must report the sudden and untimely death of our member and dear friend Juliet Marlow. Juliet passed away on the 11th of August after a short illness.

She was NDYUK’s communication guru and lynchpin. She often spoke on our behalf and was responsible for ensuring that our supporters and allies were always kept informed about our campaigns.

Juliet was totally committed to this work and ensured that everyone knew exactly what we were doing, why we were doing it and she helped everybody take our message forward. She devoted a great amount of time and energy to our cause.

But there was also so much more to Juliet’s talents. She researched for us, she wrote for us and she spoke for us, often to very hostile audiences. She was courageous, kind and above all, one of the most generous people we have ever known.

Juliet’s funeral will take place on the 31st of August in Basingstoke.

Our love and prayers go to her family, friends and her partner Keith.

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Like everyone on NDY, I too was saddened and very shocked at the death of Juliet, her commitment to NDY was amazing and I think I can safely say it really was appreciated by all us. Sadly I never had the pleasure of meeting Juliet, I only got to know her through NDY on Facebook. Rest in peace Juliet and please know Keith, that Juliet will never be forgotten by any of us at NDY, finding someone as passionate about NDY and being able to do the work Juliet did for us is going to be pretty hard, Juliet is a hard act to follow that’s for sure! Take care Keith & (((((HUGS))))) if you want them xx

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