Landmark as Court of Protection rules food and fluids can be withdrawn from MS patient in “Minimally Conscious State”

A judge has ordered doctors to remove life-sustaining support from a multiple sclerosis (MS) patient, despite the fact that she is still partially conscious.

In a landmark ruling, Mr Justice Hayden said that a 68-year-old woman known only as Mrs N should have tubes which she relies on for nourishment and hydration removed, after describing her life as “profoundly humiliating”.

The decision led to fears about its implications, with one MP describing it as “bringing in euthanasia by the back door”.

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  • Brisbane Lawyers

    I think this is the right decision taken by court about woman with signs of consciousness to die. There might be other opinion also.

  • Alex

    This sort of thing worries me more than assisted suicide does. I’m not in favor of encouraging ill people to die, but I’m also aware it’s their choice and they should have some sense of self-determination. What concerns me most is this sort of thing; the “sorry, nothing we could do” idea, the “probably dead” idea, the “incurable” illness idea.

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