A message from Baroness Jane Campbell

Just to let you know we are in the Appeal Court today! NDYUK were granted permission to make a formal intervention. Our barrister Cathy Casserley will be representing us. As many of you will know she is one of the country’s top discrimination barristers and as given us her time pro bono which is so brilliant as our crowd justice funding legal appeal will only go towards our lawyers’ expenses and when it inevitably goes to the Supreme Court (Win or lose this time around).

The case is likely to go on for three days. Our intervention will probably be heard on Thursday. As I said, whatever the outcome, it will be challenged and go to the Supreme Court, which we are prepared for. As you know this is a crucial case as it will be the first major threat to holding the line against the legalisation of assisted suicide in this country via the court system (bypassing Parliament). If anyone wants to read my witness statement which is a supplementary to my original one, or Cathy Casserley’s on our behalf, then please let me know.

Please make sure that our opposition is as strong as ever by messaging via Twitter and Facebook about our serious intervention in this Conway appeal. Again we are not demonstrating outside the courts because we want to show we are sensitive to Noel Conway’s situation but need to show the judges, the wider implications of his actions.

Unfortunately, I am grounded at home due to a relentless chest infection but Roger will be there watching the proceedings and supporting our lawyers today and Thursday. He will give anyone details of court number etc if they want to also go.

Onwards and upwards!

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